The wedding bells to ring for Jennifer Lopez and Alex this Christmas


There will be heartbreaks heard this Christmas for all the Jennifer Lopez’ fans. If the sources are to be trusted, she’ll get married to Alex Rodriguez this Christmas. Being an old-school herself, Jennifer clearly stated that she’ll first wait for the ceremonial wedding ring and then only make it official for the world to know that she is getting married.

Well, the industry is full of rumours and we do not know what of those should be trusted. But why to downright shove such a gossip, right? “They are very satisfied that all the children get along and have approved their new members of the family,” said the resource. “Jennifer looks at Alex as her real partner and can’t believe how satisfied she is with him.” With “Children” here, we mean Alex Rodriguez’s two kids with his ex-wife Cynthia Curtis. Also, Jennifer is a mother of twins, with ex- husband Marc Anthony. So, Jennifer and Alex will be proud parents of four children.

The source also claims that the couple flatters everyone with their power-bond and is going to be a great year for the two, if the wedding bells actually ring in for them. All we got to do is wait for the two to officially announce it for the world to drool over the two.

Jennifer has been very private about her life before too, so we cannot really expect her to open up before she goes all Gaga over the wedding ring and the engagement ceremony.

The engagement too is on the way, over this festive season- the best time to ask your soul-mate for marriage. If they all go down well, it’ll be both a treat for eyes and a heartbreak; all in all for the fans and well-wishers of the couple.