What Vikas Gupta did after Priyank Sharma’s well known Ex Divya Agarwal left the house of Bigg Boss 11 might shock you ?

Vikas GuptaIn tonight episode of the Bigg Boss 11, the contestants were found to be in teary eyes as they all had a meet with their family members. Shilpa Shinde’s mother, Priyank Sharma’s ex-girlfriend named Divya Agarwal and Puneesh Sharma’s father shall enter into the house of Bigg Boss 11.

In a video that went viral all over the social media networks, both Divya and Priyank were seen in complete tears with the former said to be maintaining his own stature position and completely shocked upon to witness his ex on the house of Bigg boss. Divya, who was found to be angry with Priyank has entered into the bigg boss house with lots of mixed emotions running on her mind. After entering the home, she walked directly towards Priyank and question him regarding what made him to hurt her in real life. She also said that Priyank has just broken up with her and he has never ever mentioned about her in this particular show to the other contestants.PriyankThe major incident happened after Divya left the Bigg Boss house. Vikas was found consoling Priyank and he even promised to him that things would turn better in the upcoming days. He furthermore said that mistakes like these shall happen at times, but it is our responsibility to correct them. He also explained to Priyank that he has made too many mistakes in his personal life a few years back. Vikas even went over and said I Love You to Priyank Sharma, who is a close friend to him both on screen and off screen too.  Vikas shared his past life and consoled Priyank was the most emotional moments of Bigg Boss 11.Divya