Did Salman Khan Body Shamed Vidya Balan with his recent comment?


Salman Khan

It was not long ago, Salman Khan took a chance to make a body shame and homophobic at the sets of Bigg Boss 11. This has led to a controversy, as Salman Khan has stepped out of his words and said something that shall make anyone feel uncomfortable upon hearing them.

It all happened at the Bigg Boss season 11 show, where the actor Salman Khan was apparently trying to make a point but resulted in body shaming the actress VidyaBalan.

This incident happened in the sets of Bigg Boss 11, where Katrina Kaif was found to be present along with Salman Khan, for the promotion of their upcoming movie named Tiger Zinda Hai. The contestants of Bigg Boss 11 were asked to draw a picture of her and impress her, which followed up the body shame comment from Salman Khan.

Vidya & Salman

The shocking comment:

Salman Khan upon witnessing the pictures which were drawn by the Bigg Boss 11 contestants said that one of the drawings looked like VidyaBalan than Katrina Kaif. This comment has raised some eyebrows, as Salman Khan is directly mentioning about Vidya Balan’s weight in this particular comment.

It needs to be recalled that the Superstar himself has spoken and lashed out the contestant named Priyank Sharma, who was found to be body shaming Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. Salman Khan himself has done the same by letting out Vidya Balan’s name, which is definitely the double standard. Salman Khan needs to check his words before preaching to others.

Although Vidya Balan has not answered in particular to this body shame question from Salman Khan, she has said in clear in her recent interviews that she feels proud to be a moti in real life too.

Vidya balan