Is he not feeling sorry for it? Did Kapil Sharma take some dig at Farah Khan after she made a statement on him as ‘Mannerless’?


farah khan

Farah Khan is mostly known for maintaining a cool on all her social media accounts, but recently things went out of hand and left this famous Bollywood director and choreographer fume like never before.

The Angry Farah:

Farah Khan took it over to her official Twitter account and tweeted slamming each and every individual who is out there, and never thought of giving her a call, but sending out a WhatsApp message, which she particularly refers to the Janta Invite, to attend a preview, party or for a premiere of a movie.

She made it clear that if people wanted to invite her to their preview, party or any kind of premiere, they must be making a call to her personal number, which is the least she expects from them. A WhatsApp message is just like a forward message that doesn’t feel like an invite for Farah Khan.

kapil sharma

Did people assume it to be Kapil Sharma?

While Farah Khan has not referred or written any individual name in her recent tweet, many tweets started to flow out of hand and people thought that it would Kapil Sharma, whom she is referring to. This is because Kapil Sharma’s new movie named Firangi is about to hit the screens by next week.

When Farah Khan was recently questioned about whom she was referring to in her recent furious tweet, she made it clear that it was not on or about Kapil Sharma. She said that there were two or more events happening on the same day she made that particular tweet, it might be anyone among them. Upon hearing about the furious tweet from Farah, Kapil was found to be cool and he said that he has formally invited all the big shots to attend his movie premiere, which is about to happen by next week.

Farah & Kapil