Kareena Kapoor makes a shocking reaction over Padmavati: This might highly upset fans of Deepika Padukone


It was really surprising to see Kareena Kapoor throwing out some tantrums at the recent award show, where she was found to be honored with a title as the Trendsetter of the Year.

Kareena, who is known for being an outspoken person, has now left the media to a shell-shocked position, and it all happened after she answered to few questions that were asked to her after the show. She was even making some weird faces towards the reports and to the cameras and said that it’s late for her, and she wants to leave the room soon.

That was not the end of it. A reporter asked about Kareena’s views about the ongoing controversy that has been surrounding the movie Padmavati, to the shock Kareena did not answer the question a bit, and she just walked out of the meet, by leaving all the reporters dumbfounded.

Kareena kapoor

It’s really surprising to see that, being a big star in the Bollywood film industry; Kareena left the place without uttering a single word about the movie Padmavati. This will definitely kindle some anger from Deepika Padukone fans, as there are great controversies going out on her and about the movie.

From the latest interview and other questions that were asked to Kareena:

Kareena said that she loved to dress up Taimur Ali Khan and said that it was done not to show off, just to showcase her grooming and dressing skills.

She made a statement that fashion lies on the dress that you are most comfortable to wear with the right attitude. These things can carry off anything literally, even if a person gets clicked by wearing Kurta Pajama, they would still have a great fashion statement.

Deepika Padukone