History shall be kinder to Simran: says Hansal Mehta

Kangana RanautThe film maker named Hansal Mehta, whose latest comedy movie named ‘Simran’, received many negative reviews among the critics and it did not perform well on the box office after its release, and the director was expecting with a polarized reaction to this KanganaRanaut starrer movie. The director Hansal said in a recent interview, that he was obviously expecting with a polarized reaction from the audience and it was the same reaction that he got for his second feature film named ‘DilPe Mat Le Yaar’, that was released way back in 2000.

Some of the films and their intention behind creating them are completely misunderstood by the public after the hype gets low for the movie after its theatrical release. The director does feel that the movie ‘Simran’ shall be ultimately witnessed for the story that runs behind the movie, and the interesting character of one young girl who has been flawed and unapologetically reckless at the same time. The history in the upcoming days shall be kind enough for ‘Simran’.Kangana RanautHansal Mehta, attended ‘Omerta’, which is his upcoming film premiere recently at the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) that happened on last Saturday. This film is completely based upon the life of a British born, turned Pakistani terrorist named Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who even kidnapped and murdered the Wall Street journal reporter named Daniel Pearl in the year 2002.


The movie has Actor Rajkummar Rao playing the lead role and Mehta said that he has recreated he Delhi and Punjab areas for the film. He also reported that such recreation would not have happened at first place, if at all the shooting permission was provided for them in Pakistan. He thanked a lot to the production designer named Neil Chowdhury and the cinematographer Anuj Dhawan, who bought in the set together and made them lookalike the original location.