Hema Malini shows why Dharmendra stays away from her book launch event

DharmendraOn Thursday, HemaMalini converted a year older, and recognized it with the discharge of her bio Beyond The Desire Lady. She sighs, “It was truly one of the most unforgettable minutes of my entire lifestyle.

Deepika (Padukone) to remember to come for the discharge of the novel. Deepika is now part of my loved ones. After Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan), I see Deepika as the most elegant celebrity we have.”Hema Malini

While Deepika’s existence was a big shiny spot at the novel launch, Hema’s spouse Dharmendra’s lack was a downer. “He wished to be there,” says the safety and adoring spouse. “But Dharamji gets very anxious around big audience. And the group at the novel launch was really huge. These days, whenever I am at an occasion the group get hard to control. Even I got very anxious seeing the size of the group. I didn’t want him to be jostled around. So, I am grateful I inquired him to stay away. But he was with me and close relative’s members for the entire day. He creates such charming poems for me. I am especially attached to the one named Saadgi, which he has written for me. He always believes my convenience is my greatest benefit.”

She is now looking forward to the new appearance in her close relatives. “My older young daughter Esha is anticipating her first kid this month. Do I want a grandson or a granddaughter? Donochalega. But since I already have a grandson (younger young daughter Ahana’s child) a young daughter would be nice. Would I want her to be a celebrity like me? She can be anything she wants as long as she is happy in daily lifestyle.”Hema Malini