Dharmendra lands up at Jeetendra and Hema Malini wedding drunk

DharmendraThe truth was that HemaMalini was very intense when it came to loving Dharmendra. When Jaya had to face a very whiff situation between Hemamalini’s brother and Chakravarthy, it was not a surprise that she raised hell, yet, she also held no kind of sway. This is the very first time, Hema has maintained her relationship status a secret one and she has been saving it from her own parents.

Once, it was really terrific and utter disbelief that came from her family, that made her completely disappear in one single day. When she was reported to come back to the family, they were really relieved to take her back, yet, Jaya had a consciousness to watch over them. This couple in particular had a very little choice of meeting at any public place, like they didn’t even meet one another during the movie shooting, though they were found to be working together more many movies. This type of maintaining the secrecy on the film sets, let her save her relationship status.Hema MaliniDuring those times, Hema was said to be working for two different films along with Jeetendra, Khushboo that got released on 1975 and Dulhan, that got released by 1974. Jeetendra already had a soft corner over her in the past, and with both of them working together for two continuous movies, she did not show any kind of interest to him, and they were found to be good friends.

Over the years, both Jeetendra and Hema grew to become one another’s confidante. Hema was even aware about the affair that he had with Mumtaz. Although they were in a platonic friendship, Dharmendra was not much happy about it. It was highly believed in him that he was a possessive lover, which made him drag Hema towards the makeup room as he was more suspicious of her. Ultimately, after the rumors that started spreading around, they both got married for convenience.Jitendra