Dharmendra at his 82: The performances that shall prove him to be the most versatile actor



Dharmendra is the tough guy in Bollywood Film Industry and many people even call him as the He-Man. If he was in the Hollywood by the 1960s, he would have definitely made it to the Spaghetti Western as a gun-toting bounty hunter. The closest he came to his cowboy role in the movie Sholay. If anyone is about to make a list of top best Hindi films that were ever made, there would be a lot of Dharmendra movies in them. The following are some of his versatile movies that let Dharmendra portray his extraordinary onscreen roles.

Bandini in 1963

Dharmendra played a young and handsome prison doctor in this movie. He was found to be brimming optimism and a person who falls in love with a prisoner. The early scenes in this movie portray the grace and simplicity of Dharmendra and with his performance, he conveys the prisoner how beautiful she is in real life. Such spellbound performances shall never be found in any other Bollywood movie.


Anupama in 1966

Dharmendra played the role of a school teacher in this movie. He has completely lived as a doctor on screen and his screen presence in Anupama clearly shows that he can portray any kind of role on screen.

Satyakam in 1969

Dharmendra played the role of a civil engineer, who has many uncompromising ideals in real life. The movie highly reflects the dilemma that has been going on idealism and truth for many years.

Chupke Chupke in 1975

Chupke Chupke was a complete laugh riot, where Dharmendra played the role of a Hindi speaking driver. Dharmendra proved that he can deliver the best jokes on screen, with his laugh riot movie.

Chupke Chupke