Deepika Padukone wears about thirty kilograms worth weight of Lehenga for her upcoming movie Padmavati

DeepikaThe Bollywood queen DeepikaPadukone looks more elegant in the latest trailer of ‘Padmavati’ that got release a week back. This magnum opus will have the actress wearing the heaviest lehengas in her cinema career. The major thing that one must note here is that the lehengas are worth more than 30 kg of weight and the actress just wore without showing any kind of over weight on her face. She definitely deserves an attention for carrying such weighted lehengas at ease.

Ever since the very first look that released for the movie ‘Padmavati, the internet couldn’t handle more of DeepikaPadukone, as her posters started going viral for the past few days. This rani avatar of DeepikaPadukone has not only caught the attention of the audience, it has also got her a good appreciation from the critics as she was found to carry over the Rajputani Queen character at ease on the recently released posters and in the trailer.Deepika Although Deepika has said to be wearing over weighted attires in some of her previous movies, this film in particular has the most heaviestlehenga that cost about twenty lakh Indian Rupees. It would have really been a discomfort zone for Deepika to wear the lehenga every other day, while shooting for Padmavati.

Designer named RimpleNarula, has been working as a costume designer in Padmavati, has recently described about Deepika’s dedication towards film making and the way she carries over ever other piece of cloth on her. She never complains about the attires that she needs to wear to bring upon the Rani look. The costumes were designed heavy, as the character demanded the royalty on screen. Deepika even shot continuously for about twelve hours wearing those 30 kg weighted lehengas.Deepika Padukone