Akshay Kumar’s unique Diwali present to 103 families of martyrs in Kolhapur variety of Maharashtra.


Akshay Kumar provided a good worth Rs.25,000/- to each members of the family of martyrs with a heartwarming concept.

Vishwas Nangare Patil, Special Inspector-general of cops, Kolhapur Variety in Maharashtra came up with this idea to deliver candies to every martyrs’ members of the family.

Under his assistance, cops authorities made a list of 103 families of martyrs.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar liked the effort and he took part in this social cause.

In a correspondence, he had written, “We all be extremely pleased for members of the family for his Compromise to the world. I know, you are losing the ones you love on this Diwali Event. But I demand you to start the new year with bravery. Delivering a small present of candies and guides for children. Please agree to with love.”

Akshay Kumar